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Preparing for the dream

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

So, we have the what? Well, first we had to get the boat from Palmetto, FL to Texas. In April of 2018, I had two friends, Paul and Craig help me with this for Sandra's was not able to make the trip. We had a rough trip due to weather, but made it safely.

Once we got the boat to Texas, we needed to do some refit items and learn the ins-and-outs of this new (to us) boat. There were systems on the boat that needed attention, and we needed to also learn how to sail her efficiently.

I replaced many systems on the boat, including all the electronics, both AC/Heating systems, all old solar panels, house batteries ( to Lithium-Ion), both engine batteries, new inverter/battery charger, new anchor and windless, all toilet system hoses ( fun-fun) new AIS (automatic identification system) and all new running rigging. (done by pros). We also had some cosmetic fiberglass/gelcoat work done. (Yep, also does by pros)

We had a pro replace some of the canvas on the boat ( Main Sail Bag and Dodger) Sandra, with the assistance of some friends, replaced canvas items with her new Sailrite sewing machine. There is nothing more appealing than new canvas and upholstery.

In the midst of upgrading items, we made some passage trips on the boat to get accustomed to working together in overnight, and lack-of-sleep situations. This was done in baby steps. We made a two-day trip from Kemah, TX to Freeport, TX, then multiple-day trip to Port O'Conner, TX, then a trip to Corpus Christi that included multiple overnight passages.

Next step, getting everything sold and moving onto the boat.....full time ! Ahhhh.......


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