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About Us

We are Bruce and Sandra. We recently retired early from our jobs so we can travel at our own will, instead of traveling where our jobs required. It was destiny when we met, not only were we perfect for each other, but the timing couldn't have been more....ummmm...timed !! More about our history if you scroll down...

Sandra Sail_1.jpg
Bruce Sail_1.jpg

Sandra is from Colombia and has traveled and lived internationally while working in the oil and gas industry for the last 27 years. Her passion has always been to travel. Her dream for retirement initially was to explore North America in an RV.  That plan is still intact, however the timing of that plan has somewhat changed. After we met and fell in love, she lovingly agreed to pursue my dream of sailing first,  then later doing the traveling by RV.  The stage is set.....Let's goooooo !! 

I (Bruce) have always been at home on or near the water. In 2011, my oldest son David got a contract to deliver a Wharram 42 foot catamaran from Panama City, FL to the East coast of Florida.  A second trip delivering the same boat back to the West coast of Florida in 2014 was the icing on the cake. That was when I new what I wanted to do when I retired. It also put me in motion to live well within my means and start really saving to retire early to buy a sailboat.

Sandra Namid_2021.jpg

This is what retirement is all about !

2012 trip with my son, his wife and his buddy to deliver a Wharram catamaran from South Florida to Clearwater. 

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