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The Making of a Dream

Sandra and I often get asked why we would even entertain the idea of selling all our possessions and moving onto a sailboat? When I assisted my oldest son David in delivering a 42 foot Wharram catamaran on two separate trips around Florida in 2011 and 2014, I knew absolutely nothing about sailing. It was a great opportunity to (a) see if I would like it, and (b) take a free vacation.

I found out I absolutely loved being out on the ocean. On the first trip when David and I were miles off the coast, there was one night when there was no wind and no moon. We decided to stop motoring and just floated motionless in the dark for a bit. The sea was absolutely flat, the stars were lit up in the moonless night sky and there was zero light pollution. All of a sudden we heard the sound of air blowing, like from a snorkel. We were suddenly surrounded by a very large pod of Dolphins. They swam around us for about 20 minutes. We were running around the deck with our lights shining in the clear water just watching them. It was a defining moment for me that I will never forget. I was hooked !

The Wharram home-built catamaran that we delivered.

I had no clue how I would make this dream happen, for I still had a demanding job. It wasn't until 2015 when I actually started taking sailing classes to further my knowledge about sailing, that the dream started to take shape.

Our first road trip. It was on this trip we discussed "The Dream" November 2016

Sandra and I met and fell helplessly in love in 2016. I reveled to her what my dream was, expecting her to say something like " Are you crazy? " No, she didn't say that...she actually agreed to the idea as long as we would do her dream after that. Her dream ???? Well, it is traveling in an RV, of course. HaHa. Okay, so that works perfectly. We travel by sail for 5 to 7 (Or 10) years, then travel by RV when we are older and need to be near hospitals. Yep, the stage was set !

This was my first time to rent a sailboat and Sandra's first time to sail.

Galveston Bay 2016


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